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Where are our leaders?

How many times have you driven down the road when it's raining and not see the lane markers? This is unacceptable. I will push for updating the lane markers in not only District 16, but all of Indianapolis. Potholes on the city's streets have always been an issue. These should be repaired within a few days of contacting the Mayor's Office. If DPW won't do it, I will. 


Have you seen the weeds on the curbs on Rockville, the trash on 10th Street, or the garbage in the turning lanes? I will be organizing a team to clean up District 16 and set up a maintenance program to keep it clean.


Not many residents know the Indianapolis Flood Maps are being reassessed and will be official in 2024. The flood map reassessments will force some out of their homes because of higher insurance rates or homes that didn't need insurance will now need it. Flood Insurance can be an extra $700-$3,900 a year.  My goal is to get as many people off the floodplain as I can using the Letter of Map Amendment process. 

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