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Road Repair

How many times have you driven down the road when its raining and not see the lane markers? This is unacceptable. I will push for updating the lane markers in not only District 16, but all of Indianapolis. The potholes have alway been an issue and need to be repaired within a few days of notifying the Mayors Office. If DPW won't do it, I will.

Flood Plain

Not many residents know the Indianapolis Flood Maps are being reassessed and will be official in 2024. The flood map reassessments will force some out of their because of higher insurance rates or homes that didn't need insurance will now need it. Flood Insurance can be an extra $700-$3,900 a year. My goal is to get as many people off the flood plain as I can using Letter of Map Amendment process.

Curb Cleanup

Have you seen the weeds on the curbs on Rockville, the trash on 10th Street, or the garbage in the turning lanes? I will be organizing a team to clean up District 16 and set a maintance program to keep it clean.


A TIF fund is created based on property values that are expected to increase. They are expected to increase because a new company moves in that will bring in a lot of money to the area. After the city decides what the base property value of an area is, any increase in taxable value is “captured,” and redirected to the TIF fund. What they don't tell you is the property taxes are raised to make up the money for the project. Those that are on fixed incomes eventually lose their house. I want to fight against TIF funds.

Fund Transparecy

The people deserve to know what their taxpayer dollar are being spent on. The budget for 2023 is $100 million more than 2022. Last I checked Rockville and Washington is a crater obstacle course. The taxpayers should have a breakdown of what, where, and how their money is being spent.

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